Huge turn for the worse

Today my sister left to go back across the country.
It has always meant the world to me to meet her at the airport when she arrives, and to send her off with a smile and positive outlook as she leaves. She is not happy there, and I have tried to make it a goal of mine to see her off at the airport doing my best to help her see her life in a positive way.
Today I did not get to go to the airport.
I had an interview, that I did not want to go to. I REALLY didn't feel up for it, I've been depressed lately and going on an interview just seemed HARD and impossible, especially since it conflicted with my sister leaving. BUT ignoring all of my desires and signs to make myself happy and GO to the airport, my mom and boyfriend pressured me into going to the interview instead. That "there will be many more airport trips with Allie" why I listened to two people who have NO CLUE what I am going through and couldn't understand how unbelieveably hard that seemed to me, I do not know.
BUT I forced myself to try my best and to convince myself that they were right, I was wrong and was being a big fat baby. SO I got on the train to head into the city for the interview, a city I do not know, a city that has good parts, but more BAD scary parts to it. I got off the train okay, and headed to the bus stop. I needed to take the 11 bus. I was on the correct street for the bus stop, at the correct bus stop, it was a one way street so it HAD to be the right direction right? I had plenty of time, I still had over an hour until my interview and it was only a 20 min bus ride... 35 minutes later, I was still on the bus, didn't know where I was, and the bus driver announces that it is the last stop. WHERE AM I?!?!?! I had no idea. So I walked around tried to figure it out... couldn't, now I have 30 minutes until my interview and NO CLUE where I was. I called my boyfriend for help. He figured out where I was on a map and helped me find a different bus stop with a bus to take me there. I'd make it 10 mintes late. OKAY, I can do this, right?
NOPE! I was on the bus for longer than I was supposed to, missed the stop by A LOT and raced off of it as soon as I realized that I missed it. Now it's 1 pm. Time for my interview and I had NO CLUE where I was again. OH AND IT STARTED RAINING! I had no umbrella, didn't know where I was, AND my cell phone mysteriously had NO SERVICE! I saw a sign for the train, the same one I had taken before, just a different stop and started heading towards it, frantically looking at my watch to see how miserably late I was going to be, and to see for cell service in the hopes of contacting my boyfriend for more help OR to contact the job site. NO SUCH LUCK.
I finally made it to the train, still no service, got on the train and headed back home. ALL this running around, for NO reasons, with NO outcome. I missed the interview, and I missed saying goodbye to my sister... for no reason other than sheer unlucky stupidity.
Here's me wishing I could I make my "be a happy person" goal go into the negatives.