HS wins again

I am going to a wedding this week in Detriot so I am really giddy and excited.  My cousin is marrying a really great guy.  I went to Lane Bryant to look for a dress.  I love the maxis everyone is wearing now.  Every dress in there had no sleeves.  They were so pretty and feminine.  I am really feminie in my style so I was excited.  Then I came back to reality.  I tahough about the treachous terrain under my arms and walked out of the store. My mom didn't say anything.  She walked out right behind me.  "HS wins again", I exclaimed.  She gave me a sad look and I immediately regretted it.  I had just left the doctor's office and I guest I was feeling frustrated.  My doctor put some kind of asic on one of the sores that h swore would sting but it burned like hell.  I was kinda grumy so I gave my mom an aploigetic look and told her let's try the mall.  I found a dress.  It's sleeves but I have a cute scarf to wrap around my shoulders.  HS almost won.