How Ya Doin?

The Shape I Am In


There's nothing the matter with me, I'm just as healthy as can be,I have arthritis in both knees, And when I talk, I talk with a wheeze. My pulse is weak, my blood is thin,But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in.All my teeth have had to come out, And my diet I hate to think about. I'm overweight and I can't get thin, But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in. And arch supports I need for my feet... Or I wouldn't be able to go out in the street.Sleep is denied me night after night, But every morning I find I'm all right. My memory's failing, my head's in a spin... But I'm awfully well for the shape I'm in.Old age is golden I've heard it said, But sometimes I wonder, as I go to bed.With my ears in a drawer, my teeth in a cup,And my glasses on a shelf, until I get up.And when sleep dims my eyes, I say to myself, Is there anything else I should lay on the shelf?The reason I know my Youth has been spent,Is my get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went!But really I don't mind, when I think with a grin,Of all the places my get-up has been. I get up each morning and dust off my wits,Pick up the paper and read the obits.If my name is missing, I'm therefore not dead,So I eat a good breakfast and jump back into bed.The moral of this as the tale unfolds, Is that for you and me, who are growing old....It is better to say "I'm fine" with a grin, Than to let people know the shape we are in.

Author: Diamond C Aloes



Oh, so much truth in this... if we\'re really honest with ourselves most people do just want the \"I\'m fine\" answer because they\'ve already moved along and are on their way thinking about their day and how it will unfold. Thank goodness for those that do stay long enough to listen when our answer is not, \"I\'m fine\" and we need a listening presence. Humor is certainly one way to get our points across, isn\'t it? Thanks for sharing my friend. Love and hugs, Joanie

Very cute and so wise. I wish I could find it but I once worked in a care center. We had the cutest elderly man on my unit who had a poem titled...\"The golden years\". It was really cleaver and had similar lines as this one, it talked about taking out your teeth and waiting for someone to talke so the could put in their hearing aids and then not being able to pee. Anyway I can\'t do it justice but the last line rhymed to the \"golden years can kiss my @#$%\" . It was hilarious. I remember always telling my grandmother when I was a young child that I didn\'t want to live to be say 80 and she would say that\'s because you\'re not 79 yet. Makes me smile. Today I\'m, hope you are too. Love to you. Robin

I typed the golden years can kiss my... and found the poem right away... LMAO...


The Golden Years have come at last -
I cannot see; I cannot pee;
I cannot chew, I cannot screw.
My memory shrinks, my hearing stinks;
No sense of smell: I look like hell!
My body is drooping; got trouble pooping.

The Golden Years have come at last.
But the Golden Years have turned to BRASS.
If you ask me -
Can kiss my ASS!

Love them both, thanks for sharing! You and Cara are always on my mind sweet friend, hugs and love sent to you both. Lynette ~ Matthews mom