How to Use the Internet to Build Your Network Marketing Business without Breaking Your Company's Rul

You know, a growing problem that many distributors have come to me for help on is...

"How can I market on the internet, if my network marketing company says I can't use their name or logo, or product names?" Of course this can be broken down in 2 ways:

"How can I get prospects in my business using the internet, if my company says it's against their policies to prospect online? Or use their name?"


"How am I going to sell my company's products online; if my company won't let me use the product(s) names or let me do eBay? or Craigslist, etc.?"

==> Well, I will tell you...

You see, the simple answer is:

You don't even mention the NAME of your product or your company!

What you do - is you market (and create) INFORMATION!!

(And it's a lot easier than you may think)

You market YOURSELF and you bring people to YOU first through value-based educational content.

You see, you simply provide information (and solutions) to prospects in your target market on the ISSUES they are interested in...Which will help them to solve an immediate need or desire they have.

NOT by trying to use your company's name or product name(s) and see who is interested in that:

But by identifying what your typical prospects (customers) will be able to ACCOMPLISH or FIX through the use of the product(s) you represent - or the business opportunity you offer.


People don't really buy products or a business opportunity because of the COMPANY they come from:

They buy them or get involved because they are trying to SOLVE a Need or FIX something or FILL a desire they have!

So, it's about 2 things...Bringing people to YOU first.


Providing educational content (information) that focuses on 'hot button' issues your target market prospects are interested in.

=> Now, I could go on and on and FULLY explain every detail in doing this effectively (AND how you might even sell your company's products on autopilot BEFORE you actually talk to a prospect)...

But the FULL answer and all the details are already inside of my training resource - The "Productive Network Marketing Classroom":

 And that's just ONE of the many, many subjects that I will teach you that are still a mystery to the masses.

Truth is..I've sold way MORE products by NOT mentioning a company's name; than I ever have mentioning it. Unfortunately, most people aren't taught the leverage and the logic of how NOT to use a "brand name" or a "title" to get MORE sales and recruits than the masses:

But now you know And you can learn the exact specifics of how to do this, and actually build YOUR business and sell YOUR Company’s products on the internet and not have to worry about breaking your company's rules...So, go set up your FREE account in Productive Network Marketing -and learn what TRULY creates success in networking:

To YOUR Success,

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