How to use Memes in your Content Marketing Strategy?



More and more people do not separate themselves from their cell phone, this small device has become the most faithful companion with which we literally go to the bathroom.

Of the number of applications that can be downloaded, there are undoubtedly some favorites, such as “Instagram”. The "kingdom" of celebrities, singers, actors, models, bloggers, and of course, memes. Maybe you will try to find a word or phrase to define them; but it is easier for dozens of images like these to come to mind to be sure that you know them, and very well.

Depending on to our wise friend, Wikipedia, the meme "is actually utilized to define a suggestion, principle, thought, circumstance or even expression, revealed in any sort of type of digital medium", which infects achieve higher levels of propagation; producing such an impact that today our experts could even consider all of them an iconographic aspect that is part of our society and represents an era and also a method of connecting. Why is a figure like this competent of recording so considerably the interest of individuals?

This question may seem somewhat complex, however, it is really easy to answer.

It's all about feeling identified! To see our behaviors reflected there, our thoughts, ideas, emotions or feelings reflected. For this reason, laughter escapes us when we see them; and depending on how much we see or feel identified, we even make or receive a “tag”.

Isn't it then an ideal tool for a company, business or brand to make its content marketing strategy? Today I want to share with you four components that make this tool a perfect combination.

Easy access to them: working or posting through digital platforms that anyone can download for free such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, among others. Everyone will be able to access and it will be easy to reach many people.

High frequency of “views” and interactions : thanks to the tags, if you hit a follower, they will want to show their friends what made them so funny. This will help you increase your engagement, impressions, and interactions.

Memes, by definition, are actually meant to be shared, which offers your label great deals of possibilities to discuss pertinent memes coming from other offensive memes inventors. You'll have not a problem locating individuals that are actually all right along with you discussing their web content-- several of them even proactively urge it-- as well as some might in fact seek you to share their information for all of them. As really good strategy, you ought to perhaps acquire permission from the developer of the meme if you're going to discuss it on your feed.

Feeling identified: the more your audience identifies with your publications, the more value your brand generates and the more loyal your followers will be.

Easy to remember: a good meme will never be forgotten. And that will also happen with your brand.

How to use memes for your business?

Knowing the advantages of using memes, we are left with the question: How do we use them in our business? Here are three tips that we can implement.

1. Promote the values of your brand

This is part of what we want to show as a brand and it is an opportunity to show what differentiates our business, to reflect emotions and feelings and to connect with your followers and / or consumers.

2. Entertain your audience.

This is part of your analysis of your audience, of the market. If you know that the personality and voice of your brand is adapted for this type of content, then go ahead! The idea is to do it with elements and situations related to your business.



3. Promote your products

Although memes are very good to entertain your audience, it is also a help so that you can promote your brand without your followers feeling it as an “advertisement”. It can be used to give news and in turn interact with your audience.

It is key that if you are going to use this strategy in your business, do not forget:

Identify if really memes are the most appropriate strategy for your brand. This is based on the identity and personality that you want to reflect, because we know that not all of them use the same language.

Recognize what type of meme is the most appropriate to show the identity of your company.

Make sure the meme is in context with the moment and time. Social networks move very fast and you have to be at the forefront.

The options with which you can take advantage of an opportunity to publicize your brand online are more and more numerous, changing and unexpected. With this strategy, the important thing is to find memes that add value to your audience that are very easy to connect and have fun.

And if you want to achieve your goals, don't forget to let yourself be guided by experts so that everything turns out incredible! Tell us what you want and at Chaskis we will create it for you.