How-to Use Ebays Featured Gallery Section.

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Basically, the featured gallery works a lot like Featured Plus for normal entries, which shows your item before all the other effects. Buying a Featured Gallery listing shows your listing at-the top when someone chooses to utilize the picture gallery inste...

The featured gallery is just a little-used and little-known eBay feature, but thats part of its power: it's much more used by buyers than it's by dealers, therefore you can pick up some new buyers by advertising there.

Ostensibly, the gallery works nearly the same as Featured Plus for standard entries, which shows your piece before the rest of the effects. Purchasing a Featured Gallery listing reveals your listing at the top when someone decides to use the picture gallery as opposed to the list view.

Which Image Gallery?

Particularly youve likely got no idea what Im referring to, because its such a little-used and well-hidden feature. Learn additional info about asea health products by browsing our novel article directory. Try performing a search for a product. Do you see just above the results, where you can choose from List View and Picture Gallery (its alongside the choices for selecting the results)? Press Picture Gallery. An entire new world opens up before your eyes!

This feature is there for customers who would rather work visually instead of by name and there are a surprising number of them, particularly if your items are being offered for their overall look.

What Are The Results When Im Presented?

Becoming highlighted in the gallery means that your item will be displayed above the other things in the photo gallery when any search there contains your item in the results. You may think this ineffective, considering how few people ever look at the picture gallery but for the people who do look, youll be right up there. Youll be noticeable even more, in reality, because so few suppliers buy the featured gallery results.

Not only this, but your image will appear nearly twice the size of the normal gallery entries below it. Get further on our affiliated site by visiting via. Your picture is going to be trying out a big area of the users screen as soon as they get their effects, and they cant avoid seeing it! For people with smaller screens, your image might take-up as much as a third of the present area.

Ponder over it specific marketing towards buyers who choose to work visually if you'd like to attract that kind of customer, youll do well in the gallery. This is absolutely ideal for you, particularly for large, impressive pieces if you provide art then. There are independent artists out there whove gone from no income to bidding wars just by getting highlighted in-the gallery.

So How do you Get a Featured Gallery List?

When youre going through the Sell Your Item process just check the option. It costs $19.95 per piece, so its only well worth using on deals where you imagine youll make over that in the estimates.

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