How to Shrink your Stomach without Surgery

When I read this in a book or magazine, my first reaction was DUH.....

With stomach stapling, lapband surgery, intestinal bypass surgery all the rage, it sounds ridiculously SIMPLE, but deep down we know it is true:

"Your stomach will shrink naturally if you consistently put less into it."

Are you laughing? Groaning? Or just going, "DUH......"

It is so obvious that people who stuff their stomachs are making it stretch larger and larger. The reverse is equally true. Put less food into it for a while and its capacity gets smaller.

For several weeks now, I've been pretty disciplined with the POINTS. And I do spread my calories out over the course of the day and evening, so I'm never putting a large amount into my stomach at one sitting.

Today, Thanksgiving, was the most food I've had since our Halloween party. And when confronted with so much food, I am DELIGHTED to say I filled up very fast. And the big meal stuck with me for hours and hours.

Therefore, I've successfully shrunk my stomach.



Did you have a good day with your family? We had an \'eventful\' day at the VFW.

I had the same experience with filling up faster.

Here is the calorie counter link I put on your last journal - it includes WW points in the info

You are so right. Our stomach does shrink. Or as i\'ve been told once our appetites shrink. :)

Great job. Hope you had a lovely time with your family.

Yes, I had a great time with the family! My sister\'s younger daughter and her husband were there, as well as my sister\'s husband and my mother.