How to repair League of Legends game files



League of Legends is one of the most popular games of the era. Designed to be played on most computers. But most people will be able to play the game comfortably But there are also some people who experience the game freeze, the game crashes because of the unfavorable computer if playing League of Legends and the game freezes often There are several ways to fix this wikiHow. Since the driver update To repair game files.

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Fixed an issue where the game freezes and goes off

Update the graphics card driver

Video card drivers are software that allows video cards to work on your computer. If drivers do not update Can then play and the game freezes until the end Driver update is recommended.

Install all Windows updates

Update Windows to the latest version. It should fix problems caused by DirectX or other operating system files. Usually, updating Windows will help make the system safer and more stable. So you have to keep updating everything to the latest version.

Install .Net Framework

It is Microsoft's software library that League of Legends requires . Installing version 3.5 by itself should allow you to play League of Legends even if version 4.0 is available, you may need to install version 3.5.

Reduce the in-game settings

If setting the graphics settings in the gods game, be careful that your computer is overburdened until the game freezes. Recommend to try lowering the settings to the minimum. Then see if the game is more stable. If it is okay, gradually increase the settings one by one until you find the values used and the visuals are comfortable.

Reinstall Windows and League of Legends

A virus or malware can cause the game to crash. The easiest solution, there may be no other way. Besides completely erasing everything, install both the operating system and the new game. Back up important files if you have any important files - the whole process takes more than an hour.

Solve black screen problems

Open your graphics card's control panel

Most of the time, the cause of your black screen is that your graphics card's antialiasing settings are set incorrectly.

Change the antialiasing settings of your Nvidia graphics card

If using an AMD / ATI graphics card, skip to the next step.

Change the antialiasing values ??of AMD / ATI graphics cards.

Click the "Advanced" button.

Expand the "3D" section in the "Graphics Settings" tab down.

Choose an option "Anti-Aliasing"

Check the "Use application settings" box.



Repair the launcher

Open Windows Explorer

If the League of Legends launcher doesn't open, delete the launcher file and it will automatically download when running the launcher again.

Go to .C: \ Riot Games \ League of Legends \ RADS \ projects.

Delete the folder .lol_launcher.

Open the launcher as usual

The launcher will re-download the necessary files. Now you can start playing the game.