how to make money in the real world with a box truck

janitorial serviceO.K. here we go a quick hub on ways to make money right now in the real world.If you are searching for away to make some extra cash well here are a couple of ideas.Free of charge.Start a janitorial service.a clean-up business of your own,can really bring in the dough if you take it can run everything yourself or you can hire a crew to do everything for you and just concentrate on getting more accounts.a janitorial service is something that you can start for under 2500 dollars and be in business for yourself in no time.All you need to do is 1 get a business account or a dba.2 name your business something like "TOO CLEAN CLEAN UP SERVICES" or whatever you want to call it.3 get your insurance.4 get your bonding insurance,(this protects you if something is broken or stolen from one of your accounts)5 start searching for clean up accounts once you land your first one the others will come by the dozens.And you can start this for under 2500 hundred dollars,buy a used old van for about 800 bucks,buy used industrial vacuum cleaners,buffers,and other equipment,just to get started you can buy better equipment as the money start building about 500 bucks a year for your bonding insurance and that's basically can handle all the work yourself in the beginning and if it gets too big you can all ways hire people to help you out.Me personally I concentrate on small offices like doctors and lawyers offices something I can do myself and it won't take me a lot of time to do it,but you can go for just about anything you want,you clean-up foreclosed properties and make nice money,you can clean up for apartment complexes cleaning the apartments getting them ready for the next tenant to move in,you can concentrate on construction clean-up cleaning up behind builders after they finish a project,you can do just about anything with a janitorial service,it all depends on what you want to do.If you feel like you just cannot be a janitor or think that you just cannot clean-up after people,remember this,one account averages 3 grand a month it usually takes eight hours a week to clean that account,now imagine if you had three accounts?or if you had a ten man crew and thirty accounts?think about a license?Got a drivers license?well here is another way you can make some cash.Buy a BOX can catch box trucks dirt cheap from companies like U-haul and pensky,you can get a ten-foot box truck starting at 1500 dollars.You can then take that box truck and start hauling stuff around town for furniture stores and other people around your area that need something rush delivered,you can even haul around your state an make some real good money.(you need certain insurances to haul from state to state,but if you get them you could make a killing!)Once you get all the technical stuff straightened out,you can get with a couple of freight brokers,buy a couple of Box trucks,hire a driver and you have the beginnings of your - cleaning equipment South Africa - own transport company.well there it is hope somebody that needed this info got it.the point of this hub is for a small sum of money you could be in business for yourself,its time to stop looking for a job and start making jobs.I'm AUDI 5000. href='' - -