How to Install the Sliding Door Track

Sliding Door tracks are essential when it comes to the installation of sliding doors. The sliding doors have become one of the common doors that not only the commercial building is being installed with but also some residential homes also install it. There are various video tutorials on how to install the sliding doors. We do have a wide range of the sliding doors, and one of the common entries that you can get is the sliding cabinet door hardware. The sliding door system is adding another product that you simply are possible to seek out from our online. The following are the ultimate ways through which you can install the sliding door tracks;

  •    Frame building.

Take the measurement of the door opening and the cut the door frame to a certain length. You will then layout the pieces and thus making sure that they are square. You will then nail the Frame.

  •    Frame Setting.

Set The Frame that is inside the opening using a level to ensure that the legs of the frames are the plumb. You will then insert the shims to adjust and provide a nailing surface. You will then level the frame using the level.

  •     Frame attaching.

Make any necessary adjustments to which you will ensure that the frame is level and the plumb. Attach the frame by nailing nail the shims to attach the frame in place.

  •    Trim the Door.

Measure the door opening and add track dimensions. You will find the measure the door to fit. You will then score the door’s bottom with a utility knife.  Using a circular saw you would trim the door according to the dimensions that you had marked.

  •    The final stage.

You will install the door brackets and rollers on the upper end of the door. Set the rollers on the top track in place. You will then install the floor guides and door hardware.