How To Cultivate Children To Love Learning



Life is learning Endless learning We must constantly learn and develop ourselves. These are the things that a parent must instill in his children, letting them think, feel, believe and act in a way that is constantly pursuing. Which is the cornerstone of living Seek knowledge For quality living Growing up as a person who is perfect, balanced in terms of physical, knowledge, thoughts, emotions. The following methods will not only make the parents become the first teachers of their children. Also helps to make the house full of atmosphere of learning as well.

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Make learning fun
The more you feel the more pleasure you spent with us The more motivated he is to learn We can cultivate children to be enthusiastic about learning and adventure by showing them as an example. Look at this world through the eyes of your baby. And try to have fun helping children discover new things in his life

Congratulate the child's success
Should praise the child when he has accomplished anything Meaning discovering new things for the first time Compliments make children happy. And stimulates his nervous development as well Especially the central brain that controls the expression of emotions Children that are encouraged to love exploration Will love to try new things While children who were neglected or criticized since childhood Will not dare to try something new And will continue to be like this until he grows up.


Allow the child to fully rest
Small children need to rest and get enough sleep to meet the needs of the body in order for the brain to work fully. And causing him to become irritated when he was not fully sleeping While the child is asleep His brain will review the events that occur during the day. And keep it as a memory, so we should train children to bed for a time Which is a habit that can be carried from an early age Having a full rest is to prepare the brain for new things.

Play with the ball when he is in the mood to be ready to play.
Children are not interested in playing. If he feels tired, hungry or sick, then should not force him to play when he has the above symptoms. Meanwhile If the parents themselves do not have the temper to play with children Should not force the feelings either Best way is to wait an hour or two.

Reduce the sound to be quiet
When playing with children Should avoid other things to divert attention Should not turn on the radio or television, but should find a quiet corner and no chores or other things. That will divert the attention of both the mother and the child.

During the first two to three months Should avoid using bright lights
Newborns are clearly visible in a dimly lit room. Because his eyes still can't adjust to receive the bright light of a 100-watt bulb or more Therefore, the bedroom and other rooms where the children spend most of their time in the period of 3 to 4 months, should choose to use 25 to 40 watts of power. Children will see the parents' face more clearly in a bright room.

Do not let the ball be restricted in the playing area too
Should let the child be free to move as much as possible. Should give him the opportunity to look Have explored things inside the house, not limited to gimmicks but in a crib or playpen Especially when he is still a baby who can not sit by himself

Young children learn by repeating over and over again. What will he do well when doing repeatedly? Because at the same time The brain that controls these actions will be developed to be stronger, so when children practice new skills. You should encourage him to practice over and over again.

Don't over and over. Don't overdo it.
Should prepare the environment in the house to be safe from accidents and encourage children to play freely in the house. But always under the supervision of an adult Should not limit the area According to studies, it has been found that Parents who raise children who are grown up children. Inspected and protected that the house is not dangerous Allowing him to freely stroll around the house.

When children can walk and run Should let him move as he wishes But must teach him to avoid accidents Like teaching him how to get out of bed Or get off the high chair by lowering the leg Or learn to let him hold the railing and step down slowly, for example.