How to Create a Bespoke Bathroom Setting With Fitted Bathroom Furniture

When you are designing and decorating your own home, it is likely that you will want each room to perfectly showcase your own distinct sense of style. From what colour schemes you choose to the actual features you decide to include in the room, there are countless of ways to display your own interior design tastes. However, one room that some homeowners often neglect is the bathroom. As the bathroom mainly takes on a practicality over style function, some people may forget to put their individual stamp of design on the room. Luckily, there is one way you can effortlessly give the bathroom a sense of uniqueness and that is through creating a bespoke feel to the room through fitted bathroom furniture.

Fitted bathroom furniture can take many different forms, from storage drawers and shelving to cabinets and even vanity and WC units too. The great thing about fitted bathroom furniture is how it can be added in a completely bespoke fashion. The bespoke aspect of fitted furniture is ideal from both a practical and design perspective. By having the option to customise your furniture you can choose exactly how many storage units you need to suit your requirements while also having a preference over how you want the furniture to look such as through colour and finish.The best place to start with fitted bathroom furniture is to decide exactly what pieces you require. If you already have the bathroom basics such as the toilet and the basin, then it is likely you will simply require storage units and cabinets. However, if you are looking to do a complete bathroom renovation then you could take advantage of also choosing a vanity unit and WC unit or even a combination unit which houses both the toilet and the basin. A good way of working out how much storage units you would require is to take a look at how much clutter your bathroom gathers at present and work out how much of this would easily fit into the fitted bathroom furniture that you have chosen.

You will then have to decide what particular style you want to choose. Fitted bathroom furniture usually takes on a stylish contemporary look such as in a white finish so it is important to check whether this will complement your existing bathroom setting.It is then time to work out the overall layout of how you want to showcase your bespoke bathroom furniture in the room. It is advisable to make sure none of the furniture restricts other areas of the room as this will give off a cramped feel so remember to house units in easily accessible locations in the room.