How to buy a car in auctions paying little for it?

Go to distributors, to lots of cars, search the internet, read reviews, talk with experts, all that exercise is very common when buying a car but there are other ways that can be exciting and even cheap.
Today we Japan Auction Access talk about the famous "car auctions", in which anyone can participate and find real gems that we did not imagine at relatively low prices, but how to do it well ?, Well - today we will tell you.
Here are some of our important tips:
1. See well accompanied:
We do not mean that you bring your partner or someone well dressed but that someone who knows cars and mechanics, even the basics, should accompany you to avoid problems. Keep in mind that in most of these sales, you have a limited time to decide whether to close the deal or not so driving about 50 miles to prove everything, is necessary and recommended.
2. Save money for repairs:
The cars that are auctioned usually had some line defect or they come from fleets with high demands, so some repairs should be made. Some of these cars suffered breakdowns or were in an accident, so you have between $ 300 and $ 2,000 dollars, depending on the car you are looking for and you may have to take the car out of the sales lot helped with a crane.
3. Know the car you want:
Here we talk about two things, the first is to have notions of what the model you are looking for has characteristics and then, to know the history of the car that is for sale. This history that includes if you were involved in accidents or major repairs or maybe you were in a flood is very simple.
4. Do not think about the future:
Keep in mind that for the same conditions of purchase, that most of these cars have suffered some damage in the past, you should keep them in your mind as cars for the immediate future and not in the long term.
5. Offer in odd numbers:
This advice is provided by Nicole Dow, a journalist at the Atlanta Tribune, who assures that in auctions, especially those that take place online, placing offers in number cannot cause an impact on competitors and make them withdraw and it is logical, because Offering $ 301 at a glance seems much more than offering $ 300.
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