How strange

How strange it is.... the last two days has been a little easier (if easier is the word) I have been able to get back to some functionality. the problem is that I feel so guilty that this is happening; this was my child how dare I not mourn her forever, how dare I wake up and even think that everything may just be o.k for the day.
Last night I was watching a movie with DH,  I was laughing and then suddenly BAM! I got this dose of reality... it all came down in seconds on me and I just lost it... completely... I was, for that 1/2 hour, back to that room where they told me my little one was gone... it was horrible
I really don't know what to make of all this, I know I need to live, to get strong so that I can try again... but how?



Aw babe, I\'m sorry. I know what you mean ... like really??? Are we always going to feel guilty when we realize we\'re laughing, we\'re doing something other than grieving? Yuck ... it\'s awful and I hope that you have a better day.