How Performance Pain Harvests Stem Cells for Stem Cell Therapy

One of the common reasons people will be searching for pain management doctors near me is to find one that does stem cell therapy east brunswick nj. Here at Performance Pain, this procedure that we specialize in. Below, we will break down how we harvest stem cells. 

1. We Start by Picking Out Parts of Your Body with Fat

Here at Performance Pain, we are capable of harvesting stem cells without causing harm to anyone or taking advantage of aborted babies. More than likely, our patients seeking stem cell therapy will have some body fat. These parts of your body are abundant with stem cells!

2. A Minor Liposuction Procedure is Done

In order to harvest the stem cells that are in your body fat, we will need to conduct a minor liposuction procedure. Of course, this will come with two benefits. One, you will have less body fat. Two, you will get to use the stem cells that are in this body fat!

3. Fat is Filtered Out with a Centrifuge

A centrifuge is a medical tool that is used for separating matter based on density. This tool is used by Performance Pain to separate the stem cells from other matter in your body fat. 

4. Stem Cells are Removed and Put into Syringes

Once we have separated your body fat from the stem cells, we then harvest them in a pure form. In order to conduct stem cell therapy, we will put them in a syringe. After they in the syringe, they are ready to be used!

5. Stem Cell Therapy is Done

The final step of harvesting stem cells is to put them to use! Whether you have sciatica Old Bridge NJ that merits a stem cell treatment, or another type of condition, the stem cell therapy is always a quick and near-painless procedure. 

Think You are a Great Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy? 

If you have been trying to find a great place for stem cell therapy in East Brunswick NJ, then Performance Pain is a great place to have this done. After helping many people to do this procedure without invasive surgery, we can help you experience the results you need without long healing times.

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