How much more?

How much more are we suppose to deal with it when it comes to our daughter, wel
 love her very much but  my goodness I am exhausted from the all the meltdowns and breaking things and hurting herself the verbal abuse and physical abuse. They are looking at bi polar  along with adhd and maybe aspergers how in the hell can you have those all together. They say which I  agree that her her behaviors are odd enough and that she fits in all those and so she is being treated right now for those. she is on serquel,clonidine,zoloft.and they took her off addreall and put her on dekopta. she has had some manac behaviors this week and tonight a major temper rageing physical verbally abusive meltdown. it is crazy. we have been in therapy since she was 7 we have been all over and seen many docters and therapist and we are no where even close to figuring out what she may have or not have, she is 15 will be 16 in sept.  she does have a good therapist for the 1st time and a good case worker, but she is not getting better with therapy and they say she is responding but my goodnes I do not see any improvepemt at home, i am tired i cannot imagine what she is i hurt for her and wish i could take it all from her so she could know what it is like to be in high school and actually have friends and enjoy it. Ihave prayed for her over and over and over  and nothing changes for her, i am tired,