how much are you allowed to hope?

I think the worst part of all this is just waiting to find out what is happening, because whilst you are waiting you think things that it could or could not be, some people have given idea's about somethings that it could be other than the cancer coming back the questions is do you focus on all the positives and not focus on the the negative and risk having a big let down if it turns out to be cancer, or do you look at some of the less pleasant outcomes and think positively about the fact if it is cancer it's been found early enough to be very treatable. I guess I'm a little afraid to hope for the absolute best outcome because I'm not sure how I would handle the let down, whereas if I focus on the less positive outcomes  that have potential to be not so bad then I don't get the big let down.    Grrrrr the not knowing part is the worst!!!!!!