How It All Turned Out

So my sister decided against dis-inviting Mom, mainly because it would probably cause more problems than it will solve. She's still not happy & she was secretly hoping Mom would "blow her off" & decide against coming. But I figure Mom's motive is free food.
Part of why she thought Mom would bow out is because Mom found out that she has to be out of the house by the 28th. (Long story short, she sold the house, worked out how they were going to resolve the septic problems & found an apartment.) Mom's freaking out because she feels she doesn't have enough time. She does, if she plans it right. Mom wanted me to come up yesterday to help move some boxes to the apt (more on that later). I told her she has almost 2 weeks, plenty of time. Mom said, "Well, there's Christmas!" & I said, "You're not doing anything for Christmas!" (except showing up to 2 dinners) Her: "I'll be packing!" Me: "As you should be..." Kind of funny. But she's moved a zillion times before. And I managed to shut down & clean out my aunt's place from long distance in less time than that, so I know it can be done.
I saw her Saturday at my cousin's & asked what her game plan was. "I don't have a game plan," she said. (What? I'm thinking.) "You probably should," I said something like.
The issue is that I think she was trying to cheap out of hiring a mover. She wanted me to help, as I said. Unfortunately my car's check engine light went on the day before & I told her I didn't want to chance the drive up there. Fortunately, she was understanding. Also, my brother-in-law has a bad back & my sister has been working, so they can't help. So my sister told me that Mom finally decided to call a mover. Yay!
So that's the family dysfunction of the week. Otherwise, I've been having a nice, calm Christmas. I realized it's probably because we're not having a major crunch time at work this year. What a big difference!