i was going home from the bank and i had to make a right hand turn stopping at the white line then proceeding on no one was to the right of me when i pulled up to look at traffic when a jerk came and yelled at me through the window that i had stopped 10 feet past the line.  i apologized and he kept up being a jerk yelling at me. i waved him on but he wasn't to be satisfied in any way, he then told me he should get out a phone and take a picture of my plate and report me. i think the street video would side with me but i told him mine was easy to remember (IHAULEM) i didn't tell him what it was so if he had his camera out i wouldn't doubt he would turn me in what an ass. the good that came out of the bad was because he was arguing with me instead of crossing in front of me like a usual person would do having plenty of time to do so,had to wait for the next light so there he got it himself!