Hot Hot Weather

The weather is starting to get to me it's so humid here you just want to run around naked.I did take Braden to the pool Sunday we were there for 4 hours his little face got burn't mine too and I go to the tanning bed 2 to 3 times a week.Hope everyone is doing somewhat good I have had a few good days.I went to the cematary last night it got dark on me but I had to clean Justin's headstone it was kinda spooky out there.Braden and his mom took flowers out there with a beauitful key chain about how he was her very best friend and she knows he's a angel looking down on us.Braden had painted a truck that was on the flowers it was made of wood.I went ahead and brought it home their going to pull his headstone it won't be back until October it has to be resealed.Going to miss it I hope they put a little plack on his grave with at least his name I'm going to talk to him when he calls me.I'm freaking out big time about them taking his headstone.I'm just going to try and be brave and suck it up like I have many times since Justin death.Don't know how much more sadness my heart can take my blood pressure is high I was on medicine but I stop taking them should probably do something about it.But that's not on my #1 list.Everyone who has sent messages and hugs and commented on my journals thank you I don't have alot of time sometimes to reply, you are still loved and I adore all of you. Some of us have came a long ways Justin will be gone 17 months on the 21st it seems like forever.You all take care think about me in your prayers I need many I have a little memory I want to share about Justin when he was about 3. I was giving Justin a bath and I was washing his hair and his body.Ater that I would always let him play in the bath because he had these little sticking things that would stick to the bath walls (they were dinosaurs)As I was sitting there he looked at me and said mommy how did these 2 marbles get in my pe-pe?I tried to explain the best I could then he wanted to know how to get them out cause he wanted to put them with his other marbles.I laughed so hard I was crying I told him those marbles will never come out and when he grew up he would know why they are there.He ask me mommy do you have some marbles?I said no Justin girls don't have marbles just boys he looked so confused but after that he never talked about it again.That memory is a keeper I just loved him so much I miss him terribly.Hope you enjoyed the memory.Love and Hugs,Vicki