Hot,Homework,Hot and Homework and Cold

Hi AllWell some happen since Monday. I got lots of stuff since then. Got all my homework done except taking a midterm quiz and some reading and I will be done for a least a day then start again for another week. I'm still wearing my glasses. WoWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Thats alotttttttt. Ralph's been cooking and trying to get alhold of a guy to fix the van but to no avail. Rhonda ask last night to take alex to the ER last night he was crying and not feeling good so Ralph took them to the hospital and made record time to the ER and walmart and home last night and I thought they would be there half the night. He has a throat and ear infection and been sleeping most the day. He doesn't act like he feels good.He hasn't came to pester me in two days and thats a record. I will put my homework up on my profile so you can see it hope you like it. Homework, bills, overdrafts, graduation, van tore up, loans, home improvements, goals, PT, headaches anything else. ughhhhhh oh yea can't forget the other chronic pain. Hope everyone has a pain free day. Love ya allRobin