Hospital ER Heat Stroke

Sunday was in the 90's and the humidity was extremely high.  I spent hours working with Steve on the far side of the house and I was handling it well again.  I felt that I was back  in the siding house project 100%, and Steve remarked that I was back also.  Then the neighbor turned on her dryer with the vent coming out her basement window directly on me and Steve.  There is only a 5 ft. space between our houses so it became like an oven quickly.  Within an hour or two I almost fainted twice.  Steve noticed that something was wrong and told me to go sit and take a break.  I went in the house and layed on the floor.  My heart was galloping in my chest, and was breathing was very bad.  Steve came in to check on me and told me to drink.  I could barely drink, I was so nausous and dizzy.  Layed on the floor for 1-1/2 to 2 hrs.  Then got up and showered and fixed something for dinner.  Still felt like crap.  My heart still wasn't right.  Slept.  Yesterday(Mon) my heart started thumping again.  I was still very disoriented.  Tom came home for lunch and talked me into going to the Hospital.  I didn't want to go.  It turns out I had Heat Stroke, and was severely dehydrated.  They hooked up a IV drip to irrigate, did blood tests, heart &BP monitors, Xray, etc.  They kept me for hours for observation.  Today, I still feel very weak and disoriented.  My chest feels very much improved.  Doctor put me on complete rest for 2 days.  Next time I gotta stop when I am pushing too far.  This part of my personality really needs some work. How is anyone to respect me, if I don't show myself respect.  I also want to note that Tom handled this situation extremely well.  He listened to the Dr. and answered questions, that I was too spaced out to answer.  He kept track of everything and constantly made me feel secure.  I have allways needed to show Tom security and of course undying love, but he took over the more powerful role yesterday.  I am entirely and completely proud of him.  God has truly blessed me