Hi everyone!  I have been experiencing hormonal problems from January this year. Its really one of the worse symptoms I have ever has to deal with I am always nauseated, hotsweats, urinating, DEPRESS, joint pains, fatigue as the days go by I experience many more.Coping!! I am tired I found its harder for me theses days I guest I am just fed up of being Sick all the time. My life is really on pause I can't work I mean I can but how many time would I spend? I will always have to be calling in, nevermind I still have that tiny little bit of strength I always keep aside for back-up (lol). Thats what keeps me smiling and keep the candle burning, nevermind it always seems dim these days I keep it on bright.Any advice on coping with these hormones, I am willing to accept them. Take care God bless keep the strength