hope I\'m not making a mistake

A women I work with,(I'm her boss) husband is a plumber and remodeler. I have hired him to do my bathroom over. I am having it totally gutted and am already a nervous wreck that I am spending more $ than I can afford. I have the $ but am always one to try to be prepared for the what ifs. Now with Bruces income not here and he was the $ maker I'm afraid if I use the $ I have then thats when my furnace will go. Well to make matters worse her husband was suppose to be here today at noon to put in a new kitchen faucet and called at 12:20 TO SAY he wasnt coming. He had an emergency job come up. He could be totally honest and telling me the truth but I'm so afraid This is a sign of things to come. I hope I didnt make a mistake hiring a co-workers husband. It's not like I know a ton of contractors. I dont know any. I went to the garden to ask Bruce for his advice but I'm still waiting for his answer.haha