Home Sweet Home

Glad to be home, although I miss the weather!  It is so hot and muggy here on the East Coast!  Have had terrible jet lag for the last few days and also travel just drains me.  I hate to be back to work.  It was a rough, busy day.  Got two new fires this AM.  I feel like I could not focus and got nothing done today at all.  No panic attacks or anxiety on the way home, and we hit some TERRIBLE turbulence coming home.  The worst I have ever been through!  Stuff was flying all over the place and most people did not get drinks as it was not safe for the flight attendants to walk up and down the aisle!  A couple of people screamed.  My husband was sweating bullets and white knuckling the arms of his seat.  I gave him a Xanax.  I was absolutely fine the entire time!  It totally makes me feel better, to feel more normal than I have felt in well over a year!  This was in fact for me the most important and positive outcome of my trip. 
I did very little exercise.  I did do some walking here and there.  But the entire month of July was very bad eating, very little exercise.  I find myself back up to 158 lbs.  I totally stopped doing Sparkpeople and just got back on that wagon today.  There were days I did not even bother wearing my pedometer. 
My Mom's exhusband died on her birthday.  65, pancreatic cancer per the obituary online.  I guess she feels bad he died but the divorce was very bad/very bitter.  She was notified by Social Security of all things via letter and is now entitled to widow benefits.  So the blessing in disguise is that her car is literally falling apart and the money will help her buy a car.
We got home midnight Thursday night and then I drove to Secaucus NJ, 2 1/2 hrs one way to pick up the new puppy on Friday with David.  1st, we named him Remington Steele and call him Remmy.  I just always loved that show and thought that Pierce Brosnan was such a sophisticated hunk!  Kind of like Remmy, LOL!  he is 75 lbs!  Just turned a year old.  Paws are huge!  David is big time in love.  he is an absolute doll baby!  Feels like he has always been here.   He is only in the crate at night while we are sleeping or if we go out and we do have to keep an eye on him.  House broken but he does get into a little mischief.  he has completely emptied the toy box!  Loves belly rubs!  David has already taught him to sit on command.  He is a little "grabby" with handing him treats and he will accidentally take any fingers off if they get in the way, so that is something we need to work on.  he is very affectionate and outgoing.  He probably never had run of the house before and there are noises that he barks at.  Yesterday it was the ice maker/ice going into the glass.  This morning, it was the popping noise of my percolator.  LOL! 

Remmy is on the left, Kona on the right.  I need to get a better picture as this one was taken with my Blackberry and does not really do them justice!