Home Rennovation Project from Hell...

...is almost finished!  My mom offered to pay for (!) a complete home rennovation for me, and, while I'm skittish about going into debt with my mother, I know my place needed it.  So, to the tune of $3,000, we completely repainted the walls and ceilings, I ripped out my old shower, which had sprung a leak and created mold, as well as all the associated drywall, the toilet and the sink.  We got off easy on the price, for sure, but I'm doing much of the labor.  My mom's helped enormously painting the place, though, and I'm grateful, so grateful that, when she ASS-umed I'd be helping HER paint HER place, I readily agreed.  See?  I knew there were strings attached, but it's only fair, so I'll do it, no problem.
Big job!  It has brought out the best and worst of all parties involved, including myself, my mother, my dad, and the maintenance man from my parents' condo who agreed to do this for a paltry sum compared to the $7k labor charge it would've been to hire a licensed contractor.  The downshot is that the work is taking a solid month.  A month with no shower and no toilet is, obviously, an inconvenience, to say the least!
And the problem I have with my mother is her propensity for turning a small task into a humungous one.  Every little thing becomes a full process with her.  God bless her, she's very generous, with her time and money, so she gives a lot..and then she EXPECTS a lot!  I can only imagine the handyman chores she's got in mind for me for time immemorial while I pay her back this money she loaned me.  But I'll deal with it.
Her worrying is the bigger issue.  All my life, my mother, like the Pink Floyd song says, has been putting her fears into me.  It's become painfully obvious, and I either shut down completely, let her rant and rave, and say absolutely nothing, give her absolutely no emotion whatsoever, or, when it feels like she's trying to bait me into her worry-wart fest, I end up flaring up at her!  God, please tell me there are other types of relationships with women on the horizon.  Please tell me there's pleasure in dealing with the female of the species.  Not just sex, but in laughter, love and contentment.  I DO NOT want to end up with (and thus become) a worry-wart!



I wondered where you were koolman. You were busy!! glad to hear your renovation is almost finished. Glad your mother was there to help out when needed. There is always something behind every favor and like a good son, you are there to help her - as always. Have a great day.