home from my visit

It was a trip I don't expect to ever repeat.  My parents are well-off financially.  They've saved more than they've spent and invested it well.  They have that mindset that they should not spend their money.  So when they moved to an adult facility the decision was to only pay for lunch, one meal a day.  When my step-mom went into the hospital a month ago she was malnourished.  The three days I saw her, the first two she appeared to be doing good but so weak she can't lift her legs.  The third day we got there and she had a bad night, looked and felt bad.  It was very upsetting to me.  My daughter spent almost all day each day working with her and she knew what to do.  She and my wife were very impressive.  My brother-in-law manages my parents finances and I believe he's going to hire a private nurse.  There's only so much the nurses on the floor can do with each patient.  Now that my Dad has been moved to an assisted living facility they are feeding him 3 meals a day and he is much much better than what I expected to see.  He really is thriving there.  Except that he asks you the same questions every few minutes he is his old self with no real deterioration.I didn't want to change my pain patch while we were travelling because of the side effects, and the last two days put up with severe headaches all day.  What a tough choice to make.  The evening before we left we got back to my parents condo where we were staying and I started throwing up.  That lasted all night and even after we got to the airport in the morning.  Yesterday and today it's been coming out the other end.  I don't wish this on anyone.....well maybe a few people.  I weighed myself yesterday and I was 5 pounds lighter than before we left for Phoenix and I think a few more pounds lighter today.  And I expected to gain weight eating junk airport food and so many family meals.I actually had to turn down a paying massage customer yesterday.  :(My nephew is 29, a Baptist minister.  When he learned that I'm a massage therapist he told me about a friend of his who is a massage therapist and makes six figures.  Turns out the secret is to be young and good looking and cater to gay guys.  I've been avoiding massaging men because of the sexual harassment.  I guess I need to learn how to deal with it.
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It sounds like your step mother should have been in assisted living prior to now. When people choose how many meals they want provided, it is usually with the understanding they will be making the rest on their own. Ya have to wonder what she was eating? Or whether she was capable of making anything.

Glad your family has stepped in to evaluate everything.

Sounds like your dad is doing great. That is wonderful!

What are the side effects to your pain patch? Are they worse than what you had to endure without changing it?

How is your business going?
Take care and thanks for sharing.

Hi Shelley,

My Dad always cooked until he got Alzeimers, without bragging much I can say he was the world\'s greatest cook. so after 53 years of being pampered I think their idea of eating a meal at their condo was maybe a banana or something.

When I change these patches I can\'t sleep that night, then I need to sleep most of the next day.

Business? It\'s pretty dead. I feel like a burden on my wife.