home cookin'

so...my mother and i go 'round about so many things, sometimes i want to strangle her, other times she wants to throttle me, but right now i miss her kitchen. i'm hungry and lazy and don't want to cook, besides none of mine comes out like hers anyway. what i really want is a big steaming plate of rice and peas with curry, or stew beef and rice, or escovitch and plantains. really, i could sooooooo go for fried plantain right now! and the other thing i really really want is a decent cup of tea!!! nobody here sells good tea, and to be honest my tea is never as good as my mother's, i don't know if it's steep time or that ancient tea pot she uses or her kettle or what, hers just tastes better and i want to know what the hell i have to do to get a bloody cup of good tea here! i've gone through my hoarded stash already and i hate to write home for tea, how silly is that?!? it doesn't help that my sister melted my kettle...hello genius...if you leave the kettle on the lit stove for hours it's going to boil dry and then it's going to melt (or the handle will at any rate). 
at least on my birthday trip i found a decent market and bought curry. i was so excited i bought some for my brother and sent him too! he's really in the middle of nowhere land. when his wife was sick last month i told him to go and make her ginger tea. when he got to the grocer's he said they didn't have any fresh ginger--huh???? then i said to use crystal ginger, not as good but at least it's something, so he went to the spices section and they didn't have that either. this is what he gets for living in nowhere land where anything more than Mrs. Dash is considered highly exotic. i brought him crystal ginger and dried mango at the market too. he was really excited for that care package.
okay, enough complaining i'm off to raid the icebox (and maybe start on my very late paper for Dr. B.)