Home again, home again

I had a wonderful vacation with my daughter and her family.  Tho I could not swim, I got to sit and watch the ocean.  We went to the east coast since the gulf has taken such a hit.  What is so wrong with greedy people to let something like the oil spill occur.  Without the life in the ocean, what good is money? 
Someone must have made a lot of money to allow drilling without triple safety valves.  I really don't expect to understand the mindset of some of our political jerks!!



I am so happy you went on vacation with family! It is so peaceful to just sit near the ocean. I am so steamed that they did not have any plans on what to do if this happened. We are afraid of big government but not of big business! They are having to spend soooo much money it should teach them a lesson. A lot cheaper to buy safety valves, keep your workers safe!
Love & Hugs, Nancy