Holistic Care for Men

Age is just a number; if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. Yes, that’s my goal here at ‘Gentlemen Health Services’, wanting you to be freed of that number, to Be yourself, to Feel and to Be able to perform the best at your age. My Goal is to foresee any health concerns approaching your way and eliminate the health-related hurdles that act as a speed breaker in your wholesome life. Visit to experience Rejuvenation, and to Re-energize and Replenish your vitality! Once we successfully deal with the health concerns associated with a particular age, then age is just a number.


For a man above 50-years, the prime concern is prostate problems, heart ailments and bladder cancer. Having said that, there are numerous other not so fatal diseases of 50’s that can make the living less fulfilling and hamper the quality of interpersonal relationships. The most common concerns in men are the fear of dependency due to physical inability-either due to low back pain or illness, erectile dysfunction manifested as impotency or being not able to perform as per the desire, and memory loss.

However, many men are embarrassed to access health care for the above issues which are much more common though not as grave as cardio vascular and cerebrovascular ailments. As we proceed in the article, we will address all the health concerns for the fascinating 50s men who are ever young at heart!

To address the health concern elaborately and more precisely, one needs to evaluate each case in a detailed manner. A detailed history with regards to life style, occupation, habits, past medical history, genetic history, life situation with regards to mental history and family history, the patient’s predisposition to certain diseases is ascertained. After making a proper summary, the role of the physician or the holistic therapist is to impart adequate information regarding the health concerns. This is an important step towards improving the longevity and quality of life. Preventive measures and holistic techniques are the best ways to counter the health concern before they surface.

It is the call of the hour to foresee the medical problems before they become critical or fatal. Since long the central focus of preventive health in geriatric age group was female oriented. A more stress was given to early diagnosis and prevention of various types of genital and breast cancers. However, less focus has been paid to improve the quality of life in geriatric male age group.

There also exists a taboo among men and they do not disclose or express the health concerns more openly as females do. The health implications are diverse and often poorer in males as compared to females (1).

As estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) successful completion of 65 years confers one an additional two decades, on an average in females and around 16 years in males (2). Life would become more predictable and easier if we would be able to foresee any upcoming hurdle and be prepared to tackle it. At Gentlemen Health, the focus is not only on the safe, non-invasive holistic healing of various ailments but also in having a preventive approach to more serious maladies. Thus, a prolonged successful healthy living mandates the early diagnosis and prevention of the more serious diseases.

Loving one’s own self and self-care is an integral part of any healthy relationship. However, it is often observed that females are more vocal and expressive about their health concerns as compared to males (3). In fact, it is vital to gather information regarding various illness that are age specific, gender specific or though not gender specific, but have different implications on male. The common illness occurring around the fifth decade of life in males are cardio vascular diseases, hypertension, joints pains due to arthritis (knee, shoulder, back, neck), cancer or tumor of prostate and the testes, hypertension, high cholesterol, incontinence, urinary infection and erectile dysfunction.

PREDISPOSING FACTORS that put men above 50 at significant risk for developing certain ailments – 

  • Life style factors: life style plays a vital part in predicting the quality of the life and the longevity in general. A healthy life style consists of a regular regime of exercise, a well- balanced diet, keep weight under control, regular health visits to the physicians and counsellors. Indulgence in long term use of tobacco, drugs, such as marijuana, alcohol lead to deterioration in the quality of life and increase predisposition to various morbid health conditions like cardiovascular, respiratory, cancers and erectile dysfunction. Lack of physical exercise leads to excessive body weight which is a major predisposing factor for type 2 diabetes, depression, low self- esteem, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea along with of course cardio vascular morbidity.

  • Male mental state: Certain behavior and stereotypic thinking pattern of men make them easy target for various mental health problems. The orthodox male pattern thinking of manliness means to be always strong and non -vulnerability to any stressors, not emotional and never expressive about feelings and thoughts make them prone to psychiatric ailments. Also, to seek help and be upfront about suffering from psychiatric ailments like anxiety, depression or low self-esteem is considered as a taboo in the society. To confess of suffering from mental illness is considered as a sign of weakness, which makes them hide their phobias and vulnerabilities. The obsession to solve the problems on their own and being over self-reliant makes them predispose to psychopathology more easily.

  • Occupation- Smokers are more at risk as are people who work with chemicals used in the dye, leather and rubber industries.

  • Genetic history- certain diseases run in family like cancers, cardiac diseases, diabetes and osteoarthritis and certain mental ailments. Even though a well- balanced nutritional diet and avoidance of any substance abuse reduces the risk of developing cancer, other factors like genes can play a vital role.


Heart diseases and cancer are the one of the major concerns in elderly people. Almost 35% people succumb to heart ailments and around 22% succumb to various types of cancer. Although cardiovascular ailments top the lists, the strategy of preventive health services have now changed and the assessment of the person as a whole; both mental and physical, has been embraced.

  • Incontinence: Occasionally health care professionals are not able to convey the information on urinary incontinence and often it happens that the patients are embarrassed to express their complaints about urinary incontinence (3). Incontinence, the inability to control urination affects almost one amongst three people (4). Timely heed can cure it or manage it. In elderly men, incontinence can be of urge type (inability to resist the urge to urinate leading to heavy leakage) or overflow type (leaks in less quantity due from a full bladder)

  • Prostate problems: a vital part of the male reproductive system situated near the bladder and penis, can develop a tumor that can be benign (benign prostatic hyperplasia) or malignant (cancer). It can be the cause of recurrent infections or inflammation.

  • Prostate cancer can present as a low back pain hips or pelvis. There can be an associated erectile dysfunction.

  • Cancer – cancer qualifies as the most common causes of death among the adult males in U.S. While a healthy diet can lower the risk of developing certain cancers, other factors like genes can play a larger role. Once cancer spreads, it can be difficult to treat.

Knowing early symptoms can help you seek treatment sooner to better your chances of remission. Early symptoms of cancer in men include:

  • Unexplained fatigue and/or weight loss should be brought to the notice of the health care professional. It could be the earliest sign of cancer.

  • Colorectal (Colon) Cancer - Colorectal cancer, also known as colon cancer, is a cancer that starts in the rectum or colon, located in the lower portion of the digestive system.

  • Bladder cancer, the fourth most common cancer in men peaks up at age 50. It is the cancer of the of the inner lining of the bladder. It presents as painful urination, frequent desire to urinate and blood in urine.

  • Testicular cancers though less commonly seen as compared to the other cancers of the prostate, lungs and colon, one need to look out for the warning signs of the testicular cancer. Look out for presence of any lumps in the testes. For earliest detection of cancer, one should look for lumps at least once a month.
    Alternatively, the doctor will thoroughly examine to rule out any lumps during wellness checks (5).

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common disorder seen in men over 50 (6) which has both physical and mental implications. Often erectile dysfunction is a sign of morbid health disorder like diabetes, hypertension is a common disorder among older men.

Since erection requires adequate blood circulation, impairment in erection is primarily due to obstruction in the blood flow because of atherosclerosis or diabetes. Erectile dysfunction can be as result of associated chronic diseases and the inability of physiologic processes related to senility.

There are many risk factors that predispose to the development of erectile dysfunction

  • Medical conditions, particularly diabetes or heart conditions.
    Chronic tobacco intake leads to restriction in blood flow to veins and arteries that can lead to chronic health issues invariably causing erectile dysfunction.

  • Obesity is also responsible for erectile dysfunction.

  • Certain treatment procedures involved in prostate surgery or radiation treatment for cancer.

  • Trauma to the nerves or arteries that control erections.

  • Various medicines are responsible for erectile dysfunction such as antidepressants, antihistamines and medicines used to control high blood pressure or prostate conditions.

  • Mental status or conditions like anxiety, stress or Depression.

  • Chronic alcoholism and Substance abuse over a long term can lead to erectile dysfunction (7).

In people with active sexual drive this inability can lead to depression, lowered self-esteem, relationship problems and or anxiety, thus affecting the quality of life.

The estimated number affected with erectile dysfunction are about as many as 30 million in American and it is on the rise (8).


SEEK EARLY, PREVENTIVE MEDICAL HELP FROM A PHYSICIAN / HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER -Unaided and untreated physical and mental health concerns pose a major threat to the quality and longevity of the life of the client. The unresolved health problems also have a major impact on the functioning of the client as well as with his social and professional environment. A change in the attitude of seeking a prior intervention in health before the concern arises leads to reduction of many morbid conditions later on in life. It is essential to understand that seeking help from a health professional is not a sign of weakness or not being less masculine than others. Once the stigma circulating around expression of painful feelings and avoidance of talking about what hurts oneself, is removed there shall be reduction in various psychological physical co morbid health conditions.

Men often approach the health care professional when there the symptoms lead to immobility or has increased on a large scale and pervasively affects in the day to day activities. With cancer the manifestation of any noticeable, significant symptoms usually denotes the advanced stage of cancer. Hence it is imperative to screen for common types of cancer affecting men.

Screening test for prostate cancer is a blood test for prostate-specific antigen or digital rectal examination. Self- examination plays a vital role; for e.g. in testicular cancer- examination of testes for any lumps. The common types of cancer seen in men are: Prostate cancer (95.5%), Lung cancer (68.1%), colorectal cancer (44%) (9). Emphasis should be made to persuade cessation of smoking, as smoking is related to cancer and the risk for development of any cancer increases with age.

MAINTAIN A HEALTHY REGIME COMPOSED OF REGULAR EXERCISE -The role of exercise cannot be overstated in leading a health life. Regular exercise not only controls the body weight, but also boosts cardio vascular health, reduces the risk for diabetes2 or keep the blood sugar in check, reduces the risk for developing osteoporosis, and also boosts self- esteem. Under taking any Sport and other types of physical activities can lead to enhancement of mental wellbeing and may boost social networks that foster support and opportunities for development (10).

HOLISTIC TOUCH STRETCH MASSAGE THERAPY – Health is defined as not just the absence of any disease, but the presence of a complete health. Complete health incorporates, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. It is conclusive that about 90% of the diseases are associated with stress (11). To achieve complete health, one has to focus on attaining balance at all the level of health. Emphasis should be made on regular medications, following an exercise regime, having a wholesome diet, cessation of any substance abuse drugs like tobacco, alcohol etc., teaching or advising ways to relax and combat stress.

Stress has a profound effect on our body and mind. Stress predisposes us to various morbid maladies and hastens the process of aging. And there is no healing system par excellence than TOUCH. Touch imparts relaxation to the weary mind, revitalizes the fatigued muscle and rejuvenates the distressed soul.

The THAI MASSAGE involves rhythmic compressions, gentle pulling of the body parts (fingers, toes, cracking knuckles) and various stretches. When incorporated with African Congo massage, THE AFRICAN thai stretch massage involves a systematic movement of thighs and knees connecting together and circling in an outward counter clockwise motion. The goal of the session is to experience relaxation of the mind and body through various stretches. When performed on the back, it leads to deep muscle manipulation thus providing relief to sore, aching back.

The massage when performed on the front aspect of the body gives rise to natural arousal leading to complete relaxation while total stimulation of the body. It is imperative to display good amount of maturity and discipline during the front side massage.

The beneficiaries of this session are sportsmen who indulge in sports activities and suffer from golf swing, quarterback throws, basketball joints, soccer ankle/feet, baseball pitch shoulder/hands, hernia, sciatica, swollen prostate, groin or pelvic tension, full back, gluts, arthritis/joint tension, knees, shoulders, neck and feet as well as health conditions- diabetes, high blood pressure, nerve damage and overall body tension. To enhance the effects of soothing massage with total body stimulation Incense, oils, candles, and soothing music is used, making the atmosphere serene.

Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy. A system of stroking, pressing and kneading the skin and soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments) in different areas to relieve pain, relax, stimulate, and tone the body. Massage also stimulates blood circulation and assists the lymphatic system (which runs parallel to the circulatory system), improving the elimination of waste throughout the body.

Who can avail the benefits of massage- practically any body. Massage is for anybody seeking a moment of relaxation or aims to have a reduced muscle tension in the body or is desperately looking for reduction of chronic pain in the most gentle, effective manner. Massage by an experienced therapist well versed with the medical conditions can boost the physical and mental well-being. Massage can not only be sensual, but also impart medical benefits – it improves the blood circulation to various parts of the body.

  • it boosts the immune system

  • it allows you to get in touch with your body and allow itself to heal

  • it improves the performance

  • it reduces various pains and aches and makes one feel light and energetic

  • it mood uplifting effect

  • it assists in proper nervous system functioning

  • helps in various chronic ailments like migraine, diabetes and chronic fibromyalgia.

INCLUDE A HEALTHY REGIME TO BALANCED DIET AND REGULAR EXERCISE- the role of exercise, well balanced diet and a positive outlook towards life can never be overstated. Exercise prevents cardio vascular mortalities, osteoporosis, depression and boosts mobility, flexibility and enhances mental health.          


Male impotence is not a death sentence, and it can be treated through a number of practices. The first step is initiative-the will to solve the problem. Men’s Health Specialist offers a large variety of treatment procedures to reverse erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety naturally. Services include massage therapy, and consultations. All sexual heath sessions are confidential.

For further information about any of Men’s Health Specialist’s services, call (510) 663-8106 or visit the following website: http://www.GentlemenHealth.com.


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