Holding out for 'whatever' has lost its appeal

Why is love and security so important to me? I don't really know. But I wish it wasn't. I wish I could just acccept my circumstance as my destiny and be content with just living until I die? I just don't have the patience anymore. So if I'm living a life that I do not enjoy...why live it at all? I know most people won't "get" this way of thinking, but if I'm so unhappy and just want to be free of this human existance why shouldn't I be able to just go. There are tons of people out there who could benefit from my freedom from this wretched shell. Its my intention to donate all of my organs, tissue, blood, etc. Is it so crazy to think this way? If we hate our jobs we eventually quit them right? Why can't I just quit this? Oh and by the way me "quitting' my life will not affect anyone else. I have no kids, parents, or spouse. I can certainly be replaced at work also.
I'm just so very tired. One failure after the next is hard enough when you have something to fall back on like family, a home, etc. but when you have nothing to go home to when times get rough its twice as hard and I don't want a hard life anymore.



You, my friend, have alot of people that would miss you if you weren\'t around. I, for one, don\'t want to lose you. You have so much going for you. You are pretty, friendly, loyal and an excellent friend. No one can replace the person that you are. There is only one of you and I have never met another person like you. You have too much to give to \"give up.\" I believe in fate and fate will grab you when you least expect it and will show you why you are here. Nobody knows what the future brings, but you can either hold your head high and keep telling yourself that you will get through this and that you are happy with what you have right now!