hodge podge

Saw in the paper today that a unnamed  19 year old from our small town was arrested in a town next to us for drug trafficking, possession of coke, carrying a concealed weapon and possession of criminal tools.  It happened a week ago today (Nov. 4th) the same day T received a cell call from our police department.  I saw the call that day on the internet cell phone listings that I check periodically. I know he knows the boy which is why the police may have called him.  I haven't said anything to him because I know the truth won't come from him anyway.  
Although I know T is still involved with drugs ~ I see some marked improvements from him at times.  He cares about school, he does chores around the house on his own time but he does them, he's conversational and much better than he was when he was in his hay day of using.   It doesn't mean he has his bad moments.  When I see that behavior ~ it brings me back BUT it doesn't stay there.    
About school ~ right now he's taking two classes and really seems engaged in them.  In fact, he showed me a completed drawing he did for his drawing class ~ wow!  It was amazing!  My husband and I were overwhelmed.  And his script writing class ~ another milestone.  He is excited about it.  We haven't ever witnessed him enjoying school.  He's always hated it.  Hope this continues!
Tomorrow I'm invited to my new friend's house.  Her twin 18 year old boys were sentenced to 14 months in prison.  They were looking at 5 to 7 years.  It's bad enough that these boys are in this situation but their story was all over the news.  Cameras in my friend's face as she left the court room.  I feel so sorry for her.  Poor woman.



Yes, overall, it\'s heartening that your boy seems to be trying. You all seem to be trying, and more power to you.
Your friend is in a tough place; twins going to twin jail sentences. Wow.
She is lucky to have your support.