ho hum

I'm wearing the fentanyl patch now for almost 2 months.  I'm still getting headaches but mostly they're much easier to get rid of.  Our insurance changed on April 1 and they only want to give me 4 imitrex instead of 18.  That means I have to rely on over the counter meds which tear up my stomach.  I had the beginnings of a bleeding ulcer a few years ago from taking too much of that stuff.  It's kind of scary because a relative died last August from a bleeding ulcer.
We've had a structural problem with our house and finally, tommorrow, it will be taken care of.  I've got two 28' x18" beams in my back yard that are going to be put up.  I'm so relieved because our home is being held up by 4 4x4's that are in the middle of the living room.  If I died or something I would hate to leave my wife a house that would be unsellable because of the obvious structural problem.
Oh, about the fentanyl patches....I change the patch every 3 days.  Even if I change it in the morning, later that night I will not sleep.  I'm tired, but all night long I'm too hot, too cold, too hungry, gotta pee, something will be wrong all night and I won't cross that line into sleep.  The next day I'm not falling over tired, but I'm a hazard behind the wheel too.  I ran over the curb a few days ago and later made a dangerous turn......so I'm thinking of skipping driving on those days as much as I can.  I didn't change the patch when I should have on Sunday because I wanted to be able to sleep tonight before this big deal on Monday, but here it is 2:30 and I'm still awake.
And one more thing.....my granddaughter's 7 year birthday party was Sunday.  Several times I could not remember her name.  In the past it's only been the younger ones, 2 or 3 years old, whose names I couldn't remember.  I'm frightened about that.



Glad to hear you are getting some relief. Of all people, you need it. Have you read the FDA warning about this? Also, have you talked to your doctor about your side effects.

Regarding your Imitrex - with all the health insurance I have had, I found that I could get two triptans a month. So I would get 4 Relpax and 4 Frova or 4 Maxalt. You might want to try it.

Also, I would suggest that you do what I did. I made an appeal to the insurance company for 18 pills a month. They denied it twice and then I went to the Arizona Insurance Department. They awarded me 16 pills.

Has your doctor done the first appeal yet? My doctor told me he can do the first one but after that I have to do the appeals.

AND once you do the appeals, if you change insurance companies, you just provide the Insurance department letter from your state and you don\'t have to go through it all again. I was on a first name basis with the \"state\" people. I didn\'t even have to give them a file number. They told me that very few people take things that far to get the medication they need.

Also, have you tried the other triptans? Are you taking the Imitrex shot or pill?