higher levels of CORTISOL cause fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, weight gain//abuse produces high level

"Women who have fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis pain.   It found that the ones with a history of  emotional or sexual abuse as a child had significantly higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol despite the abuse having happened in the distant past.
One side effect of cortisol levels that are too high is weight gain.  
Interestingly, elevated cortisol was not found in women who suffered emotional trauma as a child from being neglected.
maybe "neglect" isn't trauma?  people go on and on that boarding school and too many activities is abuse, but historically that is how people lived and learned and it was never viewed as "neglect".  look up upper class or royal children and people merely made appointments to see their children.  not a lot of contact.  but by today's standards that is considered "neglect".  how come?  constant monitoring is oppression, i don't think any kid wants that.  and oppression turns people into criminals. 
lack of stimulation as neglect, i do understand.  you need a lot of stimulus to LEARN, and thrive especially as a child - that i view as neglect and abuse. 
Americans generally like new terms/words for things, and whenever a word is used widely, something new will soon replace it,”
she says. “When I was growing up, no one was ever referred to generically as mom;   the word was mother.  The author must be from a metropolitan area of over one million people. 
Saying "mom" would have been disrespectful if it was used by anyone but a person's family.”   (unless you live in north florida, then they all say mom -- not "my mom" they simply say, mom.  mom this and mom that).  lol.  that includes their mom cat or baby cat, who are also referred to as "mom" or "baby".  most people prefer the pets in their lives over the humans in their lives anyway. 
we are having IDEAL weather.  sunny and green, especially toward evening.  just finished reading fair weather, i think it was called.  the 1893 world's fair and columbian exhibition in chicago.  it was excellent.  and just started reading, animals don't get heart disease.  the doctor who wrote it says we need 1500 mg of vitamin c daily and its really our lack of vitamins that is making us sick.  also magnesium and a few others.  
i'm getting anxious because we can't find anyone to work here and vacation time is coming up.  grrrrr.  the money sucks. 
went to the new place for italian with j.  its still the best one.  unfortunately, the dogs ate part of the dinner, they actually got INTO THE BAG and opened the container of leftovers and got to the chicken parm.  smart dogs.  so far the dogs do well on chuck wagon, no idea why, and they like the more expensive dry food only after it sits for a couple of days in a bowl and i guess softens up a bit from the air?  and they love cat food.    




Very interesting! Can\'t say I was abused, but I was bullied all through school. It\'s something to think about! *HUGS*

bullies become serial killers. do you remember the names and states of the people who bullied you? just curious?

Interesting ,yes it is.. I\'m not a woman & never have been, but I did suffer severe emotional, sexual, & physical abuse as a child, & severe mental abuse from my X wife. I too have Fibromyalgia.

one side effect of too much cortisol is weight gain?
hhmm I missed that boat.lol most of my life I was under weight, no matter how hard I tried I couldn\'t gain an ounce.

I too was bullied all through school, but yet I had a lot of friends at school too.

From experience 1500 mg. of vit c is too much for me, I take vit. c in tablet form & usualy only 500mg. If my urine is a dark yellow then I take another 500 mg. It depends on the person,their diet,lifestyle on how much they need. I knew a guy who too 10,000mg vit c everyday. he didn\'t think it was too much but his doctor,my x wife & I thought it was. I\'ve read in medical mag. that you can overdose on vitamins/herbs.