Here we go again

Well here we were hoping that 2010 would be a better year for us.  Well how wrong could we be. 
Jane started the year off with Iritis yet again and this time they have noticed that she has started to develop a Cataract as well, at present it doesn't need treatment, but her eyesight is deteriorating quite quickly so will have to wait and see, regular 6 monthly eye tests on order.  
Then her arthritis went into flare up and she is sturggling big style with it, so much so that Codeine and paracetamol aren't working so has been put on OralMorph for the pain.  
After being signed off sick in September with her Bipolar after the psych had messed up her medication, work have now decided they don't want her back and are working out a severance package, to be honest this is beneficial as she wouldn't be able to go back with the arthritis as it is at present. 
Then 3 weeks ago she started having breathing problems, first of all it was quite random and then it gradually got more and more.  She will do 3 deep breaths and then the breathing gets shallower and shallower until it stops briefly and then resumes with 3 deep breaths etc.  First of all they thought it was anxiety related however she is doing it in her sleep as well.  So our GP referred her to Respiratory consultant however 3 weeks on we were still waiting for a date, in the meantime it got worse so saw a different GP (Pdoc) and he said she was hyperventilating !!!  Then last Monday it was non-stop like that so went and saw yet another GP who wanted a blood gas test done.  On Tuesday got a call from the hospital to say come down for the test.  6 hours later they decided to keep her in suspecting a blood clot !!!
After x-rays etc they have now ruled out a blood clot on the lung, but are waiting for yet more blood work to be done over the weekend.  The breathing is still happening and she is just sooooo tired with it. 
Someone in the step-family has Lupus and has suggested Jane on Monday speaks to the doctor about getting tested for it, as everything she has can be linked to it - so will have to see what they say on Monday !!
Me - well struggling - haven't been coping too brilliantly before all this and this is just knocking me further down.  Back into work on Monday evening and if she is still in hospital, don't know how I will cope with being down there.
Going to go and get some stuff from Tecso for her and then head down for Visiting time.
Update later