Her hair came out of a bottle

I remember when senior ladies (then called "old ladies") only had ONE hair color: BLUE. And their gray/blue hair was styled in one generic "do".

Thank God things have changed! We are not our grandmother's generation!

An original brunette, I re-invented myself as a redhead at age 50 to compensate for loss of youth. If I were menopausal, at least I would be a BABE!

When we were kids, when we saw a redhead who was obviously not natural, we sang:

HER HAIR CAME OUT OF A BOTTLE, WHICH NOBODY CAN DENY! (sung to the tune of "For he's/she's a jolly good fellow")

This time I used "Cinnaberry" by Natural Instincts. It said it was an auburn brown shade, but it came out a rather intense auburn. It's not permanent, so after a shampoo or two, it will tame down.

Last time I wasted my money, used something by HerbaShine, also supposed to be an auburn brown, but it turned out really drab and didn't last.

This week when I go shopping, I will not be "the invisible woman", as the older woman is called in America. Love it or hate it, people will SEE ME.