Hello everyone!

  I want to say that I am sorry for not having wrote in a  while. I miss all of you Dearly. My husband is doing well now thanks to all of your prayers and best wishes. ...Today is my grandson's birthday and the anniversary of my father in law journeying home.  A Happy yet sad day....   We watched the engineers rebuild a bridge where we live and it was awesome! It must have been a awesome site for our families to watch them build the highways we take for granted everyday... Pray for our Military! My Nephew is in the Army! . We are so proud of him. blessings everyone and write when you can.



Im glad your husband is doing well. Happy Birthday to your Grandson.There was a big funeral yesterday for one of our soldiers, he lived about 5 miles from here. Its very sad and very worrying. I will keep your nephew in my thoughs.xxx