Hello all my Ds friends

Good morning DS friends !      Ummmm ?? how sould i start lol .. Am doing well as far as my hotflashs goes, its almost over but still dont have my youth energie . Was wondering ???Did anyone of my DS friends ever get there energie back yet ? lol..Summer started  out great for the first 2 week into it. Then all went bad for my 13 year old daughter Shannie .She cut her foot at the beach while having fun in the water kicking water around with her friends . She kicked a sharp very pointy rock  and cut 4 tendon on top of her right foot . She had to under go an emergency opparation at 10:40 pm .  Only her big toe was holding her  foot together .She was at the beach with her god mother .I recieved a call from her god mother asking me to meet her at hospital as Shannie cut her foot . She didnt tell me how bad , just said she split her foot on a rock and needed her medical card and needed to know her elergies . I figured ok  must need a couple of stitchs . When i arrived and told the front deck nurse who i was and presended her med card  they just said forget the med card for now please follow me hurry plzs .I found her and her god mother in tears . I ask how bad they answered real bad . Doctor game in unraped her foot . I almost barfed .Poor soul .The specialist came and rush her to O.R.. So she spend her summer in a cast and cruths .She had a summer babysitting job and didnt want to lose her summer job , Sooooooooooooo i mommy became the sitter nurse mother and slave lol. mean while she still got her pay for sitting . It's the least i could do for my daughter .She is now doing very well . 16 Stitchs are removed , no more cast , and surgerie went very well , everything hieled properly . She back to normal running jumping doing most sport except soccer .She still wont beable to kick a ball or hit her foot anywhere for the next 2 months , but at least they saved her foot , am very happy about that .It was sad cause she couldnt do any summer activity with her friends .But all is well now .School started so now i can rest a bit also.Beside that all is well in hell lol ....My b/f sold his log camp and we will be buying a travel trailer yeahhhh finally .. Hey Delores i will be going camping too yeahhhhhhhhhh ..So that's what my summer was like . Hope you all had a better summer ,Message to my dear friend Delores >> Please dont touch bottons on your p/c that you know nothing about, stop crashing your p/c's  ahahahah.. love you all hugssssssss , have a great day and week end coming up .Weather still gorges here for this time a year, Hot by day cold by night and loving it . Ok so tell me is this a journal or a book ahahahah ,,, hugs all xxoo ..... Sammy