Heart & Health

I have been very sickly here lately but I am hanging in there. I am having trouble with my blood pressure being low and heart rate being very high. My heart rate runs about 134 bpm & it causes me not to feel well at all. I get nauseated, sweats, dizzy & etc.. It wakes me up in the middle of the night here lately. I have had alot of chest pains, and shallow breathing. I am very weak and not able to support my friends on here recently. I am very sorry, I will be back to support you as soon as I can. I believe all my problems are coming from Ambien Withdrawal. Be careful when taking that medication please. It caused me to have Rebound Insomnia & now heart rate is so erratic. Its a very scary thing. Be careful with all medications, I have come to realize that my family doctor is giving me to much medication for my pain. Its not worth the side effects. I hope everyone is having a great October! God Bless you all & I will keep you in my Prayers & I will be back soon... Pamm