Well the other day Brenda came home with one of those ear bug looking things that is a sound amplifier.She handed it to me and ask me to try it out,so being a good husband I promptly took it out of its very unsealed package and turned it on.The little red light on the side said it was on so I put the thing up like I was going to put it in my right ear and it promptly let out this loud squeal.Let me tell you if I wasn`t deaf before that I sure am now.Ever since then the ringing in my ears has been at a very high pitch.I think that the hearing aid companies must have invested heavily in the production of these things just so after trying one you would definetly need to get a hearing aid.Well back to my story:  I have tried wearing the thing several times after adjusting it to where it won`t squeal in my ear.Thing is if you are wearing it and some one in the room starts talking you go deaf from the loudness of it,and don`t even ask what happens if the phone rings or the chimes on our antique clock starts.It is like being in some bell tower when the tower chimes at noon or midnight.And after it is done you can`t hear a thing for quite some time.I still think that the hearing aid companies are making a killing off of the sales from them(only $19.95)and then the hearing aids (cheapest one I have found$599.95 Per ear).I just thought that every one would the would like to hear about the trials of trying to be able to hear with out getting an expensive hearing aid.I would have been better off just getting the hearing aid,wonder if Medicare will get one for me?Or should I sue the company that made the hearing amplifier and then get a hearing aid from the money that I get in a settlement? Probably wouldn`t be enough for me to even get the cheap one,oh well guess I will just have to suffer through some of my shows on TV with the TV up loud enough for the neighbors to hear,then maybe we can all go together and get all of us some hearing aids....lol...Just thought that every one could use a good laugh,but it really did happen,the amplifier did squeal in my ear thing, not any of the rest except for the prices of the amp and the hearing aid that is.I hope that you all enjoyed the story,thought every one could use a good laugh,I know that I did and so did Brenda.