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Top reasons for you to practice Pilates – Part 2

In continuation to - “I am an ordinary fitness freak, who is in love with Pilates workout and I am very much passionate about Pilates.”

Pilates offer a good posture. A good posture reflects a good alignment, supported by a strong center, and is the position in which you can move freely without unnecessary tension. Starting with basic movement elements and advancing through repertoires working mattresses and appliances, Pilates trains the body to express a mix of power and harmony.

These muscles are the foundation of the center of the body, helping to stabilize the pelvis and lower abdominal cavity sustaining organs such as the bladder or uterus. The same muscles have a major influence on our sex life. Unfortunately, most of us have no idea what's wrong with them, wherever they are, how they operate and what we would use. Pilates site helps them realize and using them for own pleasure.

It helps in losing weight; regular practice can change your body. People are turning to Pilates to have the "body Pilates," with muscles toned, firm, but smooth and elongated posture of a ballerina and fewer kilograms. Pilates breathing exercises imposed by metabolism, blood circulation, and cell regeneration, all leading to weight loss.

A good muscle tone and a muscled balanced posture will help you in learning to move with ease and grace. Moreover, increasing self-esteem after starting training (the hardest thing!) and getting the first results should train and changes in lifestyle at all levels, in directions may healthy and long-term. In addition, for a quick weight loss, aerobic exercise with toning component of Pilates is recommended .

Although it may seem paradoxical, but the more you practice, the more you feel energetic. Pilates breathing and training in the motion circulation stimulates the spine and muscles. Finally, it floods your body with positive energy resulted from the involvement of the entire body. One explanation for the success of this method is practicing every move with attention and concentration. When body and mind are merged, the results of each exercise will be as close to maximum benefit purpose.

The six principles of Pilates workouts - centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow - are the key concepts used to integrate body and mind. So, if you have not started practicing Pilates yet, I hope you have found at least 2-3 reasons for trying it in the near future. Preferably with a specialized instructor in Pilates, aerobics because slow does not mean Pilates! And, if you are already practicing, I wish to learn about the benefits that you might be experiencing. Please leave your comments.