Heading To The Doc

For many of you, this might not be a big event, but other than my dentist and one visit to a cardiologist, i've been mostly absent from the medical community for a fair while. So, yes, I'll be heading to an orthpedist (is that right?) to look at my ankle on Weds. While I'm there, I'll be asking about my oddly painful big toe  and maybe even my back (do orthpedists do backs? myabe not.) anyway, stay tuned. I've been warned that they actually won't have much more me...some ice and some advice...so i'll keep expectations low. i really would like to go running again. it relieves my stress, and i can feel my weight returning. funny how i eat healthier when i'm exercising... Oh, by the way, you may notice my new picture. Looks pretty introspective, eh? Well...full disclosure: A fellow DS employee took that pic of me, as I needed something in a pinch for a conference I'm going to. So I stood against a wall, regretted the fact that I haven't shaved in a week, looked out the window because I have a knack for squinting when I smile, and I can't fake smiling anyway. I will also give full disclosure - my friend apparently is a bit of a photoshop expert, as I think it's been, err, touched a bit. Wasn't something I asked for, but the results...well, shit, it does remove the deep pits which usually surround my eyes.  Next up - a facelift and buttock firming.