Headed Home

I am headed back home be 4 the end of this month as the pain in ALL of my joints is now surpassing back & neck pain by far!Appears 2 me that rheumatoid arthritis is the order of the day,now,but I see family doctor on Tuesday,September 18 & inform him of my suspicions.My finger joints,elbows,knees & toes are starting 2 swell up & creak alot,just giving me more grief that I do not need 2 go along with the levels of back pain I have been experiencing up until now.I guess it means a new distraction from the pain,but not exactly what I had in mind or anywhere near what I was aiming 2 do with Yoga & aquatherapy.Oh,well,at least it is some kind of distraction!I have given up on trying 2 find work,no positive responses in over 1,000 e-mails,applications & resumes sent out.Carving some kind of wooden religious artifacts is what I have in mind now,along with my creative writing,& my 1 & only true love 2 keep me company should be more than ample distraction in this constant battle with Loki,& now as yet unnamed pain monster in the form of new arthritis.This city has way 2 fast a pace 4 a crippled old guy like me,anyway!I grew up in this berg starting in the early '60's,& it has undergone such a disappointing transformation since we left 2 raise our kids back in 1993.I think the most disappointing thing is the TOTAL lack of respect from people,especially the young people,between say 10 & 18 years of age.Out in Linden I can wake up 2 the sounds of birds chirping 1ce again,wave at every 1 that drives by,greet all by name in the syores & church,all of the things I came 2 really love about small town living.Our Lord,Jesus Christ has really opened my eyes 2 the things that really count in life,the 1's that do not cost anything!My education is ongoing on this front & will be a life long process,I am most sure of that!spinelessinalbertaJustKeepSmilin' :) JesusSaves! P2