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HeyWell guys its been a long time since I wrote. I've been busy with therapy. Going every day and driving 45 minutes one way every day and staying twice a week all day waiting to go to aftercare at 6pm so to save gas and time and long days. I was wore out by weekends and all I wanted to do is sleep. I had lots of leg pain taking lots of ibprofen and tylenol is the only thing I took for pain which sucks but my decision. I did learn alot in therapy especially art therapy. The therpaist was very good at there jobs. The art therapist love to make us laugh and got us to play games.I had a case manager and we was split in groups in the morning we got to talk about our problems and thats where i read my unsent letter to dad. We help each other out with encouragement and helping comments. My case manager was real good. We got to  do a lot of thing that encourage us to talk and help us with whatever we needed help with. Me and my husband Ralph had a family meeting with my case manager and I found out that Ralph didn't want me to hold out on the financial problems which I was because he was sick alot and I didn't want to worry him more so we are going to work with them together and I told him about the depression and why I came to outpatient and with Jim's help and the others it was helping me deal with it. I was depressed because of dad and my friends dying and the financial problems and him being sick. My case manager said I was kind and tender hearted and Ralph agree and I was to sure about it but I didn't say nothing. He said I was always helping someone. So the meeting went well and though the days were long and wore me out I made it. we had two snow day but I did graduate on the 6th of Febuary. I was excited and scared and during my short speech and said that my case manager Jim pull the depression out because basically all i came for was for med detox even though I knew I was depressed. I did know that was the best placed to go because it was my second time to go there and get treatment. So if you have any questions about my treatment go ahead and ask and I will try to answer. In art therapy we drew how we felt. We drew how we were and how we wanted to be after treatment. We also drew a mandala which is art in a circle and depending what you draw depends how you were in treatment. You probably can get info on the net about this. The mandala was real cool. Anthony put in resume for a job at TVA so pray he gets it. Joey is going to school. I start school soon I hope. So I guess thats about it. Oh yea I pass 14 years of cancer survivor while I was gone. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa Hope to talk soon. God Bless. Love Robin