Headache go Away!

Hey All Had a headache since Tuesday not much worse but no better.Wednesday it rain so no workers. Thursday and today they work on the kitchen. I got pics of the almost finish project. Ralph is doing errands today trying to find what we need and I'm trying to clean my desk ughhhhhhhh. I'm tired but not sleepy. Just overwhelmed because we use alot of our money and we only have 9 thousand left.So we finish the outside and kitchen and bathroom and then get a refinance to get money for the porch on the back of the house.I hate to do it but it sucks. Oh well we do what we can.I'm trying to smile and I miss going to school. We don't start back until april 5th. I wish we had it now so I can stay busy doing something other then cleaning my desk. lol. So a smiley today with a headache,clean some desk,not worry about my weight,still clean and cancer free.The professor got til the 25th to put in grades but i'm sure I got a A in class. Next will be intro to computers and interpersonal communications which one will be easy and one maybe hard. I tutor intro to computers in 1997 but that don't mean nothing now a days. Technology is almost to fast to keep up with. Well thats about it. Love ya all and have a pain free day. LoveRobin