He\'s still alive!

Today started off pretty good. I woke up late morning so I put off breakfast so I could do yoga when it came on at 11:30 am! It helps not to have food jostling around while bending and twisting! And I already had to skip yesterday (yoga) thanks to my husband and gas prices! I wanted to go to library to return what I've read and get more books. It's the only thing other than my friends here that I'm not allergic to!  So anyway I was pretty happy until my husband told me about window shattered on our car! He discovered it this morning when he left to do a job.  I was to call and get prices and find out what our deductable is and if they will come out to fix it for that price and then whoever is the lowest to call back and get the ball rolling! Well I did and they would come out tomorrow morning! Then my husband decided to screw it all up and cancel and find out if he could get it cheaper, then realized I had the best one and call back and appologize and now they are coming again!  LET ME TELL YOU, THAT IS THE LAST TIME I WILL HELP HIM CAUSE HE DOESN'T HAVE THE TIME TO DO IT HIMSELF! And I told him THREE TIMES' NEVER ASK ME AGAIN OR SUFFER CONSEQUENCES!   And because I like all of u more I didn't add the dirty words I used and called him too! LOL! Funny now but not for an hour or so after he left for school! And he had the gull to say he would stay home since I was upset! I gave him one of those looks that kind of scares him and reminded him he is the sole reason my day went to hell in a hand basket in the first place! But not to worry I swear I wont kill him, leave him or shoot myself in the head! I am totally fine now and have several peaceful hours to do what ever I want! LOL! May all my dear friends have a safe,happy,quiet if possible and painless night! : )