He's Home!

My sone came home yesterday after 56 days in rehab.  What an incredible difference!
Overall, I'd say things are going well.  He unpacked his suitcase, did his own laundry and even folded it and put it away (a first).  He made his bed for the first time in a decade. When I came home from work this noon, the dishes were done.  He took his own medicine, on schedule.  He went to a meeting at the school and went in on his own, while I waited in the car because he wanted to take responsibility for scheduling his own classes.
He willingly went to a meeting and when we found it was cancelled, he gladly found another one.  Before rehab he would have found an excuse to give up and try again tomorrow.  Instead, he took it in stride.   He'll go again tonight and tomorrow there are actually two meetings he'd like to go to.  He's definitely on track for his 90 meetings in 90 days.  We also went to the grocery store and he loaded up on healthy food.  This morning he was up at 6 am!  Pre-rehab, he would have slept until noon.  Then he had a healthy breakfast and is now having green tea instead of coffee.
The only bad sign was that he got on to the computer and announced on his Facebook page that he was back.  Three of his old using friends contacted him right away.
His first friend is one that is turning her life around, getting good grades in school, and working a job, so I didn't feel too bad about that one.  I believe she's using Addreall, though.  The second one is a guy that is an opiate addict that moved away to New York.  He's in town for a few weeks and wants to see all of his old friends.  (That's a guy we thought we'd never have to deal with again).  He talked to both of them and said the only way he could see them would be if they would go to an NA meeting with him, with Mom driving.  They both "had other plans".
The third call really bothered me.  This was from his supposed best friend, a girl who is a walking pharmacy who got him into using opiates in the first place.  Fortunately, he was in the shower and I told her I didn't think he should talk to her.  She insisted that she had gone to rehab and was also clean now, but I told her that I knew she was at a party with him two days after she left rehab and she provided drugs for him.  He didn't come home for 4 days. She thought that sharing her Suboxone didn't count as long as it wasn't Oxy!  I also mentioned the fact that it's hard to believe she is staying sober when she got arrested shoplifting a bottle of booze with my son right before he went to rehab.  Again, she didn't think that counted because at least she wasn't using Oxy.  What an incredibly screwed up girl.  It scares me that she will inevitably get through to him.
These three calls put me into full panic mode, wanting to monitor his every move.  The good news is that I was able to catch myself.  All of the good advice I'm getting from everyone really is sinking in.  I sat my son down and told him what I was thinking and what I said to his friend.  He started to get upset and I told him that he had to hear me out.  I let him know that I started to panic and that was my problem, not his.  He had done nothing wrong.  I was simply being open about my feelings.  This worked like a charm and he gave me a hug and promised he would not see his friends.  We both felt better and I haven't felt the insanity since.
I know that his friends are still going to try to see him and there's nothing that I can do about that.  The best I can do is hope that he finds new friends through his daily meetings  before they get the chance.  For now, I'm going to enjoy the beautiful spring day (73 degrees!) and take it one day at a time.