He makes contact...

So, after not hearing from him in a long while, he finally emails me. This was his message:

Good morning, darling.. I love you and I miss you. I want to marry you and be with you forever. You are my one and only and I have been trying to give you the space you said you needed but its killing me and breaking my heart.. I love you and want you forever. I always have and always will.. do you still feel that way about me too, beautiful darling?


I dont know what to think about this? These are the things that are my weakness. I did respond and just told him, 'Im so confused, I dont know what I want'. I have made it so far, I dont want to back track...



Hmmm? What to think of that? Here\'s what I think, for what it\'s worth: It\'s a game and he\'s worried about \"losing\" NOT losing you; and YES he KNOWS these words are your weakness AND IT WORKED, didn\'t it?

The end result - YOU\'RE CONFUSED and you WROTE HIM BACK. HE WON!

Ask yourself, why did you write what you wrote? Perhaps, after hearing all the things you have wanted to hear all along, makes you question all the other stuff?

Also, when you make a statement like that, it sounds like you\'re leave things open to let him decide for you? Maybe that\'s not what you meant, but are you sure he won\'t take it that way?

Confusion is the first SIGN of headgames. He\'s messing with your head. Sure, he probably does miss you, but what does he confuse with love? Anxiety? Obsession? Is it because you\'ve backed off, and now he\'s all about the chase? Why didn\'t he talk to you and treat you like this before? What excuses is he giving you? What excuses are you giving him?

Please don\'t back track. If you could see this like I do, you\'d be angry. It\'s manipulation. He\'s not going to let you go too long away from him, otherwise all his brainwashing hard work will be wasted. They know, if they leave you alone for too long, you\'ll start to realize that you can live, and even live better and even wonder why you were with them in the first without them. Also, given too much time \"on your own\" you might start to see their disorder for what it really is.