he loves me

today he is nice and loves me.   Too bad I cant let go of my anger.   He knows how far he can push and then its sweet and loving.   Hes probally horny too.  I need to remember its good for a few weeks and then back to the mood swing and issues.  I've tried talking but it always comes back to him.   its always about him,   I dont count.   there is no talking and if I have a problem I go to some one else to talk.   No feed back from him.   Women are sluts and all his women have been myself included.   I cant sleep well at nite and get up often, it must be to sneak off with my lover.   One time he thinks he climbed in the bedroom window and jumped when he knew he was coming.   where does the $$$ go.   his son said he asked the boss to hang on to it.   he said he never seen the boss.   oh the stories