He Called!

He is the one anxious and putting a heck of a lot of monkies on my shoulder or trying to once again, the board hearing is in April he told me, the very end of April, results will be in May. I have no high hopes, this new governor is pushing for A1 felons to stay in prison, and since he is considered a A1 felon how much hope is there really? He is starting already about how we have to get a place of our own, its like back up, hold on a minute here, he is going to be 60 years old, his health is as bad as mine, his last time on the streets was 1970, who in their right mind will hire him after being incarcerated almost 40 years? I don't want to sound negative, but its true, plus he is ill, so that means applying for SSI, because we are legally married its not that much more as far as a income goes, and because he has a criminal record we can't even get into housing. I told him look if you don't want to put this peanut shell down as a home plan, don't, reason being also we don't own this place, my kid rents it, I don't even know if parole would have to contact the landlord? And I'm not going over board, driving my self crazy over this, I have way then enough stress in my life. I want him to make it, he deserves to be free, but its bad enough I answer to my kid, grandkids, I'm not going to answer to no dam man. Not me! No man will ever leash me again. My colar is to darn tight already. I have concluded, I just have way to much anger instilled in me, thats bad, don't want to be this angry, and I know alot has to do with my medications, and pain, its just he isn't out, if he makes it out he has choices to make........                                                                          Just Me!